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How To Build Best SimCity Buildit Layout With Ease? Follow The Guide Carefully!

Till date, many gamers are finding it pretty hard to get the best SimCity BuildIt Layout. It is basically the lack of information which is forcing gamers to make such a massive mistake. Well, the time has arrived to make a move on and check out the mentioned detailed SimCity BuidIt Layout Guide. With the guide, the gamers would be able to long press any structure and move them from one location to another for free in order to create the best possible layout. Nothing complicated at all as a clear approach means building Best SimCity BuildIt Layout in quick time and making fast progress in the game with minimum effort.

simcity buildit layout guide

Refund Policy

Are you aware of the refund policy followed in the game? As a gamer you need to remember, anything that will cost money while moving or placing will be refunded by 50% when bulldozing. It is always necessary indeed to keep this refund policy in your mind if you are thinking of purchasing something or looking to invest little extra cash of something else.

Place Roads Properly

Placing roads properly is the most vital aspect of the game. It is the biggest thing which a gamer needs to plan about when it comes to attaining the best SimCity BuildIt Layout.  Fortunately, in SimCity Buildit, the traffic is pretty easy to control and doesn’t work like many other Sim titles. Here it is worth to mention indeed, roads do have 3 stages in the game. If you have upgraded the roads to the 3rd stage, you are not required to upgrade them again and again. Just remember, while placing roads, you need to connect all buildings to the roads with weird position or halfway. With this particular layout, you are nearly assured with providing all valuable services to Sims.

Now when it comes to building the best layout, you must only improve the roads, when you have reached a maximum number of buildings next to them. With a maximum number of buildings, you are able to accommodate many people and all of them remain connected. The last upgrade of the roads must be done when Sky-scrappers are developed. If you are short of cash in order to execute the last upgrade of the roads, it would be ideal to shift the most populated buildings to some other place and free the land.

Placement of roads should always be done in a manner which allows you to maximize the number of buildings you can acquire. As mentioned above, traffic will never be an issue for you, it is highly recommended indeed to place the initial road long and straight heading towards the north. Branch roads should always be placed east and west.


When it comes to building homes, you need to take special care of utility demands. If you think of building the homes outwards, the utility demands will definitely increase but on the other hand, if you focus on upgrading the existing homes, population will increase but the demand of utilities will not. Surely, it doesn’t make any sense but that’s the way the game plays. According to my own personal, the large part of the city must be designated to homes and less focus must be paid to a small area of pollutants.  I am sure, there are some exciting layouts when it comes to placing homes properly but for this, you need to keep searching and follow some quality guides.  Already a good number of gamers, have shared out their genuine opinions about placing homes and you must check them out carefully.


Needless to say, factories should always be located at outskirt regions of the city. Factories do create plenty of pollution and placing them in a residential area will only create some serious issues. Just remember, factories have been top rated by the gaming experts while playing SimCity Buildit as they do produce goods which are extremely important when it comes to upgrading homes. The more goods you build in your factories better would be the chances of earning huge cash. Nearly add factories produce the same goods and the long initial road must connect them in order to ensure smooth transportation.

Other Services Like Fire, Health, And Police

When you start playing the game and you do have limited money, it would be more than ideal to stick to the small version in order to reduce the cost. In general, most of the gamers do waste a lot of Simoleons as they try to build these services outside required radius. By the time, you are able to fill complete City Space; you might only need 4 fire stations, police stations, and hospital services. For sure, 4 hospitals are not sufficient and you are required to more versions of hospitals in order to keep Sim happy.

It would be very hard for the gamer to reach this point so better is to save your currency for the big ones. Wasting currencies on building services, again and again, will only reduce your chances of building a dream city.

Finally, the best layout guide for SimCity BuidIt city has been revealed and interested guys must make most of the shared details. Playing SimCity BuildIt game with perfection is not an easy task as it seems to be. You need to plan well and must follow innovative strategies in order to gain desired outcomes. In recent times, many experienced players have launched guides sharing out deep information about SimCity Buildit layout and other aspects of the game.

Building a proper SimCity without an adequate layout is a myth. Being a gamer, you need to understand, the more you play the game, and more would be the chances of building an adequate city with proper layout. Earning more money and investing the available SimCash in right manner should always remain the true motive of each player.