Simcity Buildit Hack Cheats Working Method [2017 Update]

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But First, Watch This Simcity Buildit Hack Video Tutorial Explains All The Steps You Need To Know

Simcity Buildit is a mobile city building game launched by EA Mobile in last quarter of 2014. Its a mobile simulation game loved by many gamers across the world. Player of the game become the mayor of the city and now he needs to build his city and develop many things. Using the simcity buildit hack or cheats you can cross all the stages you want, You can play this game for free but also has the option of in-app shop where you can buy simcash, simoleons and also other currencies to move faster and develop your city accordingly. It can be used to get simcash and simoleons on the go whenever you want and you can also use it for your friend and family’s accounts too, If you are unsure about how to play the game then please use our top 10 tips you ever need to play the game, Its really simple to use and safe as we have tested many things on the internet and finally decided to go with this simcity buildit tool which will guide you the rest of the process in further article..

Simcity Buildit Hack And Cheats Tool

Simcity Buildit Hack Or Cheats Which one is better ? Lets find out.

If you really want to know which one is better then you can search on the google and try each and every online simcity buildit hack tool and then report us on its status, And if you want to use simcity buildit cheats then we can assure you that its not that easy to implement it without proper knowledge and experience. You should only try the safest and easiest method available and which has good reviews on the internet. But what we have done is we collected all the online tools which were claiming to have good success rate, We tested them all one by one but most of them failed. Out of so many only few one’s actually managed to hack simcity buildit. We analysed all the data and created our own tool which can generate you free simcash and simoleons in the game without spending any money.


simcity buildit hack cheats start now

How to use online simcity buildit hack tool

  • Click on the Get Started Now Button Mentioned Above
  • If you would like to share the site with your friends then you can do so
  • Proceed to the final online generator page
  • Enter the number of resources you want to generate.
  • Hit Generate !! All resources will be added to the account instantly.


simcity buildit cheats tips guide

Best practices while using cheats in the simcity buildit game.

As you know there are many fake websites promoting this stuff which is not valid and can get you into trouble, We are listing some of the things you should follow while using any kind of online simcity buildit hack or cheats you find on the internet, Which will save you lots of time and money.

  • Use only valid and approved online cheats programme, never trust suspicious sites which can harm your device.
  • Before using simcity buildit cheats check for its review if there are good reviews available then only proceed further or you can loose your simcity account fairly quick.
  • Never download any kind of software offered by anyone, It might be a keylogger which can hack you instead simcity buildit game.
  • Even if you download any kind of .exe file then always scan it with up-to-date virus scanner and make sure it doesnt have any kind of viruses in it.
  • Not all simcity buildit cheats or hacks are going to give you correct amount of simcash or simoleons, So always split test two different cheats to gain edge over one.
  • You can read experience of a simcity buildit player on official EA site where he posted how he got screwed trying to hack into the simcity buildit using unknown site.

This are some of the simcity buildit tips and guidelines which you can follow to get best from this game, Also share the same with your friends too, So they will be aware of this all.

Simcity Buildit Tips to keep moving forward

Below you can find some of the best simcity buildit tips and guides which you can employ to get most of it.

  1. You need to make big productions and as much as possible and sell them in the market atleast simcity bot will buy it from you.
  2. You can always sell unwanted to non-working production houses, Which can free up some cash which you can use to build something else in your city.
  3. You may receive some offers for your items which you are not using, If prices are right you can go ahead and sell them at right prices.
  4. Be smart don’t just build your city massively instead try to judge whether you can suffice the requirement what you are building and then take action.
  5. Use Daniel whenever required, He is not human instead simcity bot so he always has some items which he can sell at discount, Try to get them as much as possible to improve your city.
  6. You can use all those tips to build sky-scrapers go big and make a premium massive city.
  7. You can always find more information about simcity buildit on facebook, They have some of the best groups available their which can get you many things at cheap price.
  8. We have a separate section of latest news updates about simcity buildit you should have a look to keep updated yourself.


We have some of the best simcity buildit tips and tricks which you can implement in the game.
  1. Keep Producing The Items:-

It is very important to keep producing the factory items in the game not just because you need them in building and upgrading the buildings but also for making some extra cash by selling them to others. Don’t worry if no one is purchasing, Daniel will surely purchase them from you.

  1. Produce Most Expensive Items:-

No one produces items which need more time to produce. Most of the items which need more time to produce has more value at Trade HQ. Produce them as much as you can and make more money by selling them.

  1. Invest Smartly:-

If your sims demanding for something necessary to live (Services) then surely buy it first for them. But if they are demanding for Parks, Education, Transportation and Beaches then you can hang it on until you have enough cash to invest in it (Specializations). After all these are least needed services.

  1. Keep Looking For The Next Unlocks:-

While playing the game, if you tap on the level circle (upper left corner of the screen) you will see what items the next level will be unlocking in the game. If there is any items regarding Services (other than specializations) then you need to prepare financially for it because as soon as you jump on the next level your sims will be starts demanding the services they still don’t have. So keep and eye on it and invest only what your sims need.

  1. Sims Happiness Should Have Minimum 90%:-

Everyone knows it that if you keep sims happy they will pay you more tax. But did you realized that if you keep sims happiness above 90% then they will start paying you 20% tax in the game. So keep it on 90% and above.

  1. Keep Expanding:-

Keep your city expanding as fast as you can such as Transportations, Educations, Park, Entertainments, Gambling and Landmarks but only after proving basic needs to current population as they are paying you 20% of tax.

  1. Keep Popping The Bubbles:-

Just keep popping the bubbles when you are at your own city as well as visiting to others as they may give you more special items. When visiting to other cities by popping the gift bubbles sometimes you may get those items which you have been looking for since long time in Trade HQ.

  1. Buy As Much As You Can:-

Just like purchasing, buying the special items also big you big profits. Just buy the items from HQ and sale them after getting a good deal in the form of coin popups in your city. Sometimes coin popups gives almost 20-25% more value than items market values. So keep buying special items.

  1. Visit Daniel Everyday:-

Remember to visit Daniels city everyday as he always offer every item in low costs. You can make instant profit by purchasing items from him in low cost and selling them in HQ for high cost easily. Sometimes even Daniel himself purchases his own items from us at our price.

  1. Go For Social:-

Have new friends in SimCity Buildit, Be a social guy join social groups of the game on Facebook. Share your thoughts on it and get more ideas from other players about the game.

If you keep following these simple tips and tricks while playing SimCity BuildIt, you will be shortly start to grow up your city very fast.

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