Top 10 Simcity Buildit Tips and Tricks

Tips And Tricks In Simcity Buildit That Can Help You Go With The Flow

SimCity Buildit is one of the most popular computer games and you will simply love playing it on your mobile device. Although it is a computer game, there are certain features and aspects that match with the mobile devices. Thus, it is a game that can be played in twin devices but the idea of building a city and making it grow involves a lot of interesting aspects. In fact, you can fit as many people as you can into the population of this city. With impressive graphics and a game that fits into different screen sizes, it is available for free although you can purchase the apps that you want for this game.

In this game, you will have the task of using materials to build residential plots, various services and stores and all of this can take up a lot of time but you can always enhance the speed of this process with SimCash. The following tricks and tips can help you have a better grasp of the game and play it with energized spirits.

simcity buildit tips and tricks

  1. Keeping the stores and factories busy

It is just like the factories in real life and you will not help yourself in any way to keep the assembling lines at low profile. As a player, you have to make sure that there are enough activities taking place in the stores and factories and there is a varied range of goods can be used to upgrade the residential buildings. As soon as the storage becomes full, do not stop the activities rather make some efforts to sell the excess items in the Trade Depot to create space for more storage items. On the whole, following these steps can help you earn extra cash when you sell some items.

  1. Spending SimCash for a specific purpose

As a beginner, when you start playing this game for the first time, you get fifty SimCash for free but you can always try to get more cash when you pay for it by utilizing the in-app purchases. Using SimCash can enhance the speed of the game to a great extent although it may not be the best way to go.

  1. Presentation of a good layout

The motto of this game is to increase the number of residents for which you must design an effective layout to squeeze in more residents. A reasonably good layout of residential buildings is that which also includes services and parks to serve the residents.

  1. Patience pays in this game

One of the tricks for playing this game is to have a patient attitude which players lack often when they are in a state of excitement. For instance, many people make the mistake of adding a lot of residential plots and also upgrade them in a jiffy. It is good to remember that you will need money for buildings and increasing the number of services such as fire, water, health and police will require you construct more buildings. For instance, if you have too many residential buildings without enough fire service departments or police stations, the residents of the city might just start moving due to lack of essential facilities.

  1. Upgrading storage and possibilities of expansion

In the game of SimCity, players often face the problems of the storage becoming full and preventing it is possible when you upgrading it often. Upgrading it is possible although you will need special items not to manufacture in the stores and factories. What is the possible solution to address this problem?  The speech bubbles that show up suddenly can be popped up or buy them in Global Trade HQ.

  1. Freeing the impediments and planning head

You have to plan much ahead of time when it comes to cargo ships and airports. Therefore, starting the production of these items is a good option when you get a hint of what is coming next. The buildings that require a relatively long time to build must remain between two and three. On the other hand, the items that require short time can go up to ten. When you have excess, sell the items. One of the biggest obstacles of this game is the Farmers Market. Therefore, when you notice more of cream, beef, cheese, or flour bags in the Trade Headquarters, you can buy it. Thus, you can eliminate some of these items to ease the process of production.

  1. Sticking to the basics and going big

Surprising though it may sound, do not try to build more than you can and stick to the basic services at first such as fire, sewage, police, and there is little place for apprehension when you need to destroy buildings that are not required in the game. However, if you want to move ahead of the basics and build specialty areas that include space for entertainment, parks, worship, landmarks, gambling and education.

  1. Popping the bubbles, buying and selling

The game of SimCity becomes interesting at every step.  For instance, when you visit the city Trade HQ, do not forget to click on the bubbles that are blue and buy as much items that you buy in Trade HQ even when you are not planning for expansion. However, if you do not want them, list the items in the Trade Depot for the neighbors. You have to be good to them to get back something good in return.

  1. Building campfires at night

You have to load the factories with a list of long-term items before going to bed and get all the goodies ready when you wake up first thing in the morning. Some of these items include electronics, fire pits, cream, frozen yoghurt and the simple items include plastic, metal and wood.

  1. Surprising element

While looking for expansion and storage items, you might find a surprising item when you delve deep or else get the best items from those cities that sell them.

The final tip

SimCity is one of those games that come with lots of excitement and opportunities but following these tricks and tips can help you understand how groups of players interact with each other before you jump into actions.

Enjoy One Of The Top Rated Mobile Games Through SimCity BuildIt

You must have been heavily excited when there was a new release of the new SimCity in the PC version. You and your friends could have interacted and worked together for building a society. The good news is that now the game is available in mobile versions, as well. This mobile version of building a new city is completely free to play. Initially, the game might seem similar like the PC version, but in the course of time, you will realize that there are several differences. This in turn makes SimCity BuildIt different and original. The concept is almost the same, where you have a plot of land and you have the responsibility of building residential, commercial and industrial zone.

simcity buildit review

The size of the plot is limited, which means that you will have to spend most of your time building the city vertically. At the same time, you will also have to make efforts in upgrading the roads and zones that you laid initially. During the early half of the game, it will hold your hand and you will get exposed to different in-depth layers of the game. You will also learn how to manage the building of the city in steps. In the course of time, you expand your city through the building. You can gain greater level of experience by means of which you will increase your level.

At each level, you will face new challenges and missions. This will make the game more interesting and appealing to you. New services like sewage, water, police, fire, etc are introduced at each stage. You will have to unlock different levels, which in turn will advance you towards the higher levels, and enhance your interest in the game altogether. As soon as, you unlock a specific service, you should deliver it to your city to make the residents happy. This will boost your points.

The game is intended to generate more revenue. It is because of this reason that the concept of SimCash has been introduced. SimCash is the in-game currency, which can be used for buying Simoleons. It can even be used for purchasing missing items for upgrading buildings in the city. The speed of the construction can also be increased with the currency. This currency can either be purchased with real money or it can be earned by means of achievements accomplished in the course of playing the game. And finally if you dont want to with both the ways then you can simcity try the simcity buildit hack which can get you both the currencies without spending any money.

Even if, you do not want to spend real money on the game, there is no harm. Your waiting time might increase, but in any case, you will enjoy playing it. You can make use of different tricks and strategies in order to accomplish your mission and earn more points. In this game, you will have to interact with your buildings. You will get the basic building materials like wood, metal r plastic for free with which you can build more and more buildings in a strategic approach. As your city grows, the materials required for building your city will become more complex. This is again a challenge, and you will have to find the right ways of constantly upgrading and progressing your city.

In SimCity BuildIt, you will spend most of the time in queuing materials and supplies. Consequently, you can use them to upgrade the buildings that you have built so far. As a result, it will help in specializing your city. For this, you will require Golden Keys, which can be earned by completing the shipments or even the Disaster challenges in the later levels.

best city building game

SimCity BuildIt has acquired loads of popularity because of large numbers of reasons. First of all it was made by a highly experienced team comprising of some of the most creative and technical horsepower. The design has been incorporated with large numbers of elements and its combination with the traditional SimCity brand pillars are wrapped in a gorgeous and 3D package. BuildIt has acquired a tremendous success in the mobile platform since its launch. It is one of the top 50 strategy games released for iPhone and iPad. Spending 40 minutes on the game a day on an average can give some of the best experiences to any user. Most players say that they just love it, even if, they are not addicted to it.

The game has scored an average rating of 4.5 stars for France, United States, Germany, Korea and the United Kingdom. It has acquired an average score of 4.0 all over the world. Thus, it can easily be said that those who have not played the game yet are definitely missing out something great. After all, the game has to offer lots of things to the players and even the players can learn a lot from it. It often brings forward a real life version of a city by means of which players get an idea of how a city is developed and how it operates.

As a whole, it can be said that SimCity BuildIt is an excellent game with lots of positive reviews from players across the world. The game will continue to evolve and grow in the time to come. Currently, it is a simplistic version, and you can play the game any time you want. You will love watching your city grow even if, it takes some considerable amount of time. In any case, you will certainly have a great experience playing this game, and you will look forward to playing it time and again.

The developers of the game are confident about the fact that the game is designed in such a way so that the users remain engaged on it for years to come. Moreover, new contents, systems and features are introduced on a regular basis in order to ensure that players not only remain engaged, but also their interest for the game is retained. Hence, efforts are also made to offer them rewards in an ever expanding form. After all, the best mobile game can have a life cycle of more than 3 years and the developers are moving accordingly.

Guiding The Newbies For Playing An Exciting Game Of Simcity Buildit

You will have fun time playing the game of SimCity Buildit although you might not be aware of a few things if you are a newbie and just started playing the game. Instead of burning the bridges at both ends and creating disasters, you have to move slowly while playing the game. It is similar to a wonderful mix of builders and you have to move on with one aspect at a time to have complete control over this game. When you begin playing this game, you might find it familiar and simply and you can delve into the basics with ease. Resources are a key aspect of this game in which factories produce metal and wood for upgrading the housing plots and creating other materials that are used for playing the game further.

simcity buildit tips

A few tips to begin with this game

You have to start playing the game with the resources that are produced in factories. Take a quick look at the following points.

  • Have you noticed the concept of dirty radius that is present in factories? You have to stay away from this aspect or eliminate the dirtiness as much as possible and keep them away from the sims.
  • Ideally, you have to put the residential plots in one place and the factories in another location taking the planning aspect into consideration.
  • Placing the factories and the residences in one place will help you place the fire stations along with other utilities in a seamless manner.
  • As a beginner, you have to keep this in mind that leaving one unit space is necessary when you place the police and fire stations rather than make a mess of the entire thing. In short, you will have little or no option to stuff everything in and around the residential plots or else destroy the roads.
  • Once you are able to segregate the districts, you will not face much opposition during the later stage of the game.

Using coal for energy

You might just be afraid to use coal for energy but you must stay happy with this option as it creates a whole lot of opportunities for you to play the game. Have a glimpse of the following.

  • Using an unclean energy resource may not suit your preferences but you can be enthused about this as a money-saving option.
  • You can get huge amounts of electricity at a very low cost and stop worrying about the problems in the real world.
  • After all, the environmental impacts occur at that spot but if it does not come near a residence can go ahead merrily.
  • Oil and nuclear power can be used at a later stage when you continue playing this game.
  • The worst thing to use is wind energy and you better not make the mistake of utilizing this power resource.

Making the most of the Global Trade HQ and other offers in this game

Trading in SimCity can be pretty interesting but you have to sort out the options at first. How to make the most by selling those things that can fetch you good amounts? Read the following points.

  • For newbies, it is good to find out that chairs and vegetables are pretty pricey from the point of view of selling them.
  • However, if you notice a coin as a pop up and you get more prices than Global Trade HQ, you must not waste this opportunity rather go ahead and consider this option.
  • It is easy to make money when you prepare a finished product with the resources that are available. Moreover, you can also get rid of the materials that have been produced in excess.
  • It is a nice option to utilize the most of an expensive material. When you do not use a particular material such as plastic or metal, make use of something else such as seeds and minerals.
  • also if you could use the simcity buildit cheats to gain more simoleons and simcash then it would definitely improve the gameplay.

Avoid wasting money

One of the most important things that you have to remember while playing SimCity is to avoid wastage of money which is much similar to the ways in which things work in the real world. While it is just about this game, the idea of building a city by utilizing the resources and without wasting money can be enthusiastic in the real sense. The following points will illustrate.

  • In a bid to create different aspects of entertainment, do not make the mistake of creating too many parks and waste your valuable money.
  • You have to save money for other buildings such as fire and police station, water and electricity. Just like the real world, a city can have less parks but it must have more water pumping stations, fire services, police stations to maintain law and order.
  • When you build more parks, you serve less people in the city when compared with the essential resources and the percentage of population that benefit from them.
  • It can become genuinely frustrating for the sims when you build more parks in a city than it needs and a few fire and police stations that are essential for living.

Enhancing land value

Enhancing the value of land can add value to your efforts. When you begin this work, you will come across a blue icon with three bars which represents the screen of land value. If you are wondering what land value is, it refers to the attractiveness of a particular area to the sims. Have a look at the following points.

  • The deep blue color indicates that a land has higher value than the light blue shade which means lesser value. The value of the land may affect the way in which you upgrade the residential plots.
  • When you are playing this game, you have to know how to add more value to land. There are lots of utility, specialized and coverage services that add value to the land.
  • While you learn about things that add value to the land, you have to know what lowers the value such as pollution from buildings and factories, lack of coverage and utility services and government buildings.

The final point

When you play this game, move ahead with a pace of your own instead of constantly thinking how to make things click. Improvement in this game will come with time but it is more important to enjoy the game and take one aspect as a time before plunging into action.

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