Free Gifts

How to get free gifts/items in simcity buildit game within few minutes

Hey Mayors, getting free stuff in simcity buildit game has become is very hard for us and not everyone is as patience as us. You might be purchasing all the gaming resources of simcity buildit but there is a 100 percent working method available for us to use in game which can give us anything we want. All you have to do is show patience and keep doing the thing which we will show you in the video.

See the following video tutorial which explains the method

In the video available, we showed how you can get free stuffs by only visiting your neighbor cities and looking for the gifts there sims offer you for free. These gifts includes lots of various resources and stuffs which are needy in gameplay and sometimes if you are lucky, you will also get simcash and simoleons in the form of gifts from the neighboring sims. The best part of this simcity buildit hack is you can find all the rare items you need like dozer bucket, dozer exaust and dozer wheels. There items are extremely rare and no one sales them easily in the global trade hq. To get these items you must need to visit the various cities and find these items in the form of gifts.

Process to follow for getting free resources

Remember, This method works very well only when you open the game for the first time in a day use try this method after first 10-15 minutes after opening the game. Sometimes you get free gifts frequently visitng the cities one after another but sometimes it will take time to get gifts specially if you are playing the game since long time in the day. As you can see in the video, we are visiting the various cities to find out the gifts and how we need to rome in various cities. We found one rare item a dozer blade as a gift for free and in another gift we got seeds but you saw how many cities we need to search for these items. A Guy with Patience can achieve these free stuffs.

Step One : Open The Game And Head To The Global Trade Headquarters.

Step Two : Select Any Random Product And Visit The City

Step Three : Close The Trade Depot And Rome Around The City In Search For Gift Bubble.

Step Four : Tap On Gift Bubble And Get Free Item For Your City.

Step Five : Repeat The Same Process To Collect More Gifts.

 Advantages of this method

Most common advantages are you can accept unlimited gifts for your city and you no need to worry about your city storage as these items can also stored in the city storage even your city storage is full. Next thing is you can earn free simoleons by using the same method as you can also sale the gifted items in your trade depot and earn free money in game. And the best advantage is you can get more rare items in this method in compare to other tricks as the gifts are specially gives more rarest items than ordinary city items.

We hope this information help you and you can also now get free resources in simcity buildit game without investing simoleons in the game or without purchasing the same products from the global trade headquarters.