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Hey Mayors, How are you all doing ? Generating enough simoleons and simcash…. ? Great !! In this summer simcity buildit has announced a new update city Las Vegas !!

Isn’t it exciting news ? And want to know more about this update ? then stick to this article and let us reveal what new simcity buildit has this time.

Also if you are interested then the new contest of mayors season 4 is also announced by simcity buildit.. So lets get started..

Simcity Buildit Las Vegas City Welcomes You

simcity buildit las vagas city update


Above mentioned image shows you the welcome message in the game if you open the Las Vegas city.

And then it guides the mayor what he needs to be done to proceed further.

las vegas casino city price


This new Las Vegas City Sign will cost around 350 simcash which gives 35% boost and Area required is 12×12.

Not bad stats but this seems quiet pricey as 350 simcash are not cheap, and if you want some then you can always try the simcash generator which we have suggested at homepage.

Casino City Park Price and Stats

casino city park price


If you want to get the casino city park then you need to spend 18000 simoleons which has 15% boost and requires 10×10 area.

Simcity Buildit Las Vegas Casino City Buildings Build Over the Period of 3 Weeks

This is a closeup image of casino city park in the game, As you can see it fits perfectly fine along with other buildings and looks awesome with those trees.

sims night club


In the above image you can see the wedding chapels, This shows up the detailed information about the chapel along with all the lighting effects.

sims nightclub


This is one of the standout building in any casino city and the name of the same is Sims NightClub !!

It has couple of spotlights and the animation seems amazing. Also on the roof we can see the disco floors.

casino building

On the third week we can expect a great casino building like showed in above image. If you look carefully you can see fountains on this building too.

So This was the latest simcity buildit las vegas tour which you enjoyed just now. And we hope you like the newest update released by simcity buildit.