Simcity Buildit New Update – Mayors Club Challenge And Luxurious Beaches

What is Mayors Club Challenge?

This week we have new update in SimCity BuildIt of introducing Mayors Club Challenge, as we all are familiar with SimCity Buildit Mayors Club… Where we can chat with other members of our club and also we can visit their city and trade with them. On this platform, SimCity BuildIt now introduced a mayors club challenge where we can compete with others mayors club by trading between and claim a biggest rewards at the end of the challenge. This is as similar to the SimCity BuildIt Contest of Mayors which we are already familiar with.

How Mayors Club Challenge Works?

So to participate and win the mayors club challenge, first we need to know how it works and how our club can participate and win the challenge. To win the challenge first we must have joined any club which is participating in the mayor’s club challenge. Then we need to trade between the club members as much as we can so that we can earn the valuable Plumbob Points. Plumbob points are the points which needs to complete the challenge and win various chests rewards available in the challenge. The more plumbob points the higher the reward chests. Below are the images of reward chests which are self-described in details.

1 Common Chest             :  simcity common chest


2 Uncommon Chest        :simcity uncommon chest


3 Rare Chest                       :simcity rare chest


4 Epic Chest                        :simcity epic test


5 Legendary Chest           :simcity legendary chest


Simcity Buildit Luxurious Beaches

Is it worth to invest in luxury beaches?

Simcity buildit also introduced 2 luxury beaches in the same update in this week where we can decorate our beaches with these two beaches and make our city more beautiful. These 2 beaches are available for the limited time of 7 days and are very good deal in terms of getting epic points as well as boosting the city population. The 2 Luxury beaches are as follows.

1 ) Waterfront Wharf Beach       :simcity buildit waterfront wharp

Waterfront Wharf is the ideal luxury beach for every city and is being used by almost every mayor as it is beautiful as well as cheap to get for only 13 golden keys. You can have this easily in your city right away.

2) Yacht Club Beach                        :Simcity Buildit Yascht Club

Yacht Club luxury beach is also very impressive but when it comes to the cost… Its too high for this beach because you are investing 310 simcash for this and you are getting only 3 epic points and 30% population boost. It should be higher in terms of simcash we are spending for this beach. But overall the deal is decent as its only for the limited period of time.